Tryon University Honor's History
and Masters Program

Tryon University is very pleased to announce the offering of an Honor's History and Master's Degree program in U.S. History. As with all of our activities at TU, it is free and optional. You may start right away by completing (in any order) the lessons listed in the Newsletter. When you score a 90% or above on any lesson you will be listed on the Tryon University Honor Roll, if you complete and pass all 25 lessons in American History you will qualify to take your Comps (final exam), scoring a 90% or above on that will earn you your Masters Degree. Ask your parents and friends for help finding the answers. The internet should be a good source, also. You may submit your final tests as many times as you wish, the results will be sent to Dean Tryon and  you will also see your score. After completion of the TU Master's degree, you will receive a VERY nice certificate of completion and your name will be recorded in the Hall Of Honor. You must complete all lessons, but may take as much time as you wish for the Master's Degree, but just pass one to make the Honor Roll. Be the first to brag about your historical knowledge. Be one of the first to make the Honor Roll. Good Luck, any questions, please contact the University.

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