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Before you watch the two videos, I apologize for the quality.
The video tapes are 30 years old and are copies of copies.
They were taken with terrible cameras, not even digital.
You will, however, get the gist.

(has a big story that goes with it, which I will tell someday)
Lights were turned off, I wore sunglasses, which saved me.
I look weird as my hair was greased back.
From the movie The Blues Brothers.

H.S. Math teacher, Me, Jr. High SS teacher and H.S. Science teacher.
Very good friends. My parents were in the audience.
Quality is poor....sorry. I look weird as excuses.
First song, at the beginning, our bass did not have his mic on.
Second song, the "dancers" had a slow start, but rallied like pros.
We called ourselves The Butts Brothers.