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Tryon University
Home Of The Fighting Cocker Spaniels.
Team Mascots are Barfy (not the sharpest pencil in the box) and Liberty (toughest dog in town, sneaky, never turn your back, Captain of the Mascots).
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The Fighting Cocker Spaniels are the unique nickname for Tryon University. We chose a noble animal, that is very handsome, intelligent, loyal and is a keen hunter of the mighty rabbit. Fierce fighters with a tenacious, fighting spirit They are a Fighter's Fighter. A Dog's Dog, A Mascot's Mascot.
 Go Cockers!!

Our University's fight song is unique because we believe in freedom. This song can be used for any sport and all a team has to do is change the words to fit any sport or activity. Pretty slick, uh? So Volleyball, Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Wrestlers, Chess Masters, any team can use OUR fight song. Here We Go!!

The University colors are black and blue. We give bruises. We are the bruisers, our opponents the bruisees. At the University of Tryon we encourage toughness..
Go Cockers!!

"Hey, That's My Sock!!"

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