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 October 17, 2004


Trivial Pursuit

Congratulations To Matt Vaughn for winning our first Trivial Pursuit Contest! To play for fun Just Click Here.

Announcing The Dean's List!!
One year ago we opened the doors to Tryon University, now it is the Dean's List. This is the first issue of the Official Tryon University Newsletter. Look for contests, stories, current events, strange pictures and much, much more and it is all 100% FREE, delivered to your very own email address.  Tell your friends, parents and pets. Spread the word and Go Cockers!!
Flash Gordon Leads Economics Stock Contest!! Here are the top 5.Our Economics 101 class has been competing in a stock simulation for the last few weeks. Contest will end at the end of the quarter, there are 26 entries. We all started with $100,000. Look for a Big Dog stock contest, open to everyone, Coming Soon! Probably the next issue.
1. FLASHGORDON3 #1 6.41% $106,409.00
2. Toot2301 (hard to believe) 2.32% $102,320.60
3. MrTryon (genius?) 2.12% $102,123.20
4. petersonk24 (go girl go!) 1.67% $101,667.40
5. Barker22 (are u kidding me?) 1.29% $101,286.60

Think There Is No Voter Registration Fraud? Click here and watch the video. It's going to be quite an election.
Ok, Is This Presidential Campaign Getting A Little Out Of Hand? This is pretty cute, it appeared on Leno and on Fox News. There are a couple of naughty words, so if you are offended, don't click. Click Here and then Watch Film. Your computer connection may be too slow and you need a flash player, which most have. I do not believe school computers will run it.
Remember Chevy Chase In Family Vacation? Well, the TU faculty and his beautiful wife Barbara went out West last summer on a fact finding mission.
Click For Photo Of Mr.T in front of Mount Rushmore.
Click For Photo of Mr.T at The Crazy Horse Monument.
and Click For The Incident With The Grizzly Bear. Which is another story. I know, I know,  what an idiot..........
Do You Really Want To Know Who Is Winning The Presidential Election? Well, here is an interesting twist. This is NOT a poll, but the University Of Iowa has set up a "futures contract" similar to the Money contest we ran last year. Winner takes all....they started value at 50, if Bush wins the person who owns that contract gets 100, if Bush loses, the owner of the Kerry contract gets 100. When you buy and sell a Kerry person must buy or sell from a Bush person. Supposedly, this system has picked the winner ever since they started doing it. Click Here For Their Latest Chart and Numbers. Like any stock the price shifts constantly. Remember it is the states that count, we are the United States of America and vote by electoral college, state by state. Plus, there could be a terror attack, scandal or how about the shocker of Nader dropping out? Who knows, but look for something big to happen.


Historical Nuggets
(Stories From The Past, Mined By TU Students And Faculty)

An American Love Story

The Tryon University
Big Dog Football Contest!!

Just go to this link. (CBS Sports line) and register. It is FREE. Enter your picks before the first game starts. Make sure you use a name TU can recognize, no nicknames. (our league password is "bigdog"). If you do not know much about football, have a friend, parent or relative help you. Weekly winner will win a FREE bottle of pop, water, gator-aid etc. Top three places overall will win nice prizes from Tryon University. (to be announced) Good Luck, enter today. First week of action is next week.
Mr. T's Stack Of Stuff:
* The House Of Representatives Voted 404-2 To NOT Reinstate The Military Draft! The Main Sponsor Charlie Rangel (Democrat from NY) voted against it.........eh it was his bill......

* An Ohio Judge Ruled That You Do Not Have To Vote Where You Are Suppose To. He ruled that if a voter shows up at the wrong voting place, that's OK, he can still vote as long as it is in the same county. Gosh, this would never lead to more fraud would it? A lawsuit asking for the same thing is underway in Florida....hmmm, Florida and Ohio are pretty important states.

* Eric Clapton Was Caught Speeding. He was clocked at 134 mph in France. He was fined $1,000, lost his license and posed for pictures with the police.

* Scientist Has Discovered That The Statue Of David (Michelangelo) Is Missing A Back Muscle. They think that a flaw in the marble would not allow him to sculpt, perfectly.

* Study Shows Some Humans Can Detect Lying. A study tested 31,000 people and discovered that some (31) had the gift of telling when a person was lying or not.......poker players?

* College Physics Professor Cracks! A Louisiana University Prof. started yelling obscenities at his students, turned to the chalk board and wrote, "9-11 NOW", told the students if they left their seats he would "Kill Them" and then shouted, "I AM GOD!".....the students waited until class was over and called security. The University is not sure they will release the professor.

* Europe Is Complaining That The USA Is Winning Too Many Nobel Prizes.....Hey, isn't it Europe (Norway) that hands them out?

* Darth Vader Robs A Pizza Delivery Boy, then zaps him with either a stun gun or laser sword as the boy drives away.

* Science Has Developed A Talking Urinal Cake.....upon "activation", music can be played and it will start talking to people. It will be set up for messages and advertisements.....great, Science marches on.

* Science Has Developed A Shirt That Will Call 911. With a micro chip implanted in the shirt, when a person falls down, it will automatically call 911. They are hoping it will be very useful in Nursing Homes.

* Lady Sells Rocks To Rioters! She makes $70 to pay her cable bill, then quits selling when she is hit by her own rocks.

* An Artist Is Paid $40,000 To Paint A Mural Outside Of A Library, part of the art is 175 words, she misspelled 11 words and is now going to be paid $20,000 expense money to return and another $6,000 to fix it.

* The USA Out-sourced 300,000 Jobs Last Year, but In-sourced 5 times that! There are 9,000,000 jobs created by foreign companies working in America.

* Archaeologists Have Discovered The Palace Of Genghis Khan In Mongolia, they believe his grave is nearby.

* Lawmakers Are Working On Putting Tiny Micro Chips Inside Driver Licenses. Police will be able to read them as a motorist passes by and pick up people without their license, or those that owe child support or those with numerous parking fines or terror suspects, etc.

* Beatles Photographs Were Stolen Near The Bill Clinton Presidential Library In Little Rock, Arkansas. George Harrison's sister was delivering them to the library when her car was broken into. She said she believes, "Clinton is the Beatle President.".........

* Man Marries For The 53rd Time, he is 72 years old and his latest wife is his first wife.

* Michael Moore Is Offering His Underwear To People Who Vote................

* Iran Has Banned Music Concerts, leaders say the Western culture is a bad influence, they are banning mostly rock groups from Europe.

* Science Has Invented A Capsule That Crawls Through Your Intestine, finding and fixing problems.

* An Ohio County Has More People Registered To Vote Than They Have Citizens.......hmmmmm

* Kerry Is Leading President Bush In The Latest Poll With 71%............in Finland.

* North Korean Computer Hackers Are Targeting South Korea And The USA.

* 90% Of Native Americans Believe The Term Redskins Is Not Offensive....according to a poll.

* A South Carolina Senate Candidate Is In Trouble For Calling His Opponent A Terrible Name, he is being called a sexist, the term is demeaning and possibly construes sexual harassment........he called her "a nice lady".

* An Animal Shelter Has Been Finding All Of Their Dogs Out Running Around In The Mornings, so they bought an expensive security camera to find out who has been letting dogs out. (sounds like a song?) This had happened about a dozen times. They were shocked to discover the culprit was a big dog named Red. Not only was he breaking out of his cage, but was letting the other dogs out as well.......Red has to be a Cocker Spaniel!

Pictures In The News
(Click To Enlarge)

The Infamous
Exploding Whale
Imagine the smell.......

Elton John Playing Tennis
"Darn photographers"

One Of John Lennon's
Drawings. "The Monkey"

Senior Photo Banned From Yearbook. The boy is a champion skeet shooter.

A little insensitive?

So Long Rodney...
Visit His Website.

And we lost another great one. It was a pretty tough week. Christopher Reeve.

Be A Big Dog!
Be A Cocker!!


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