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One year ago we opened the doors to Tryon University, now it is The Dean's List. This is the second issue of the Official Tryon University Newsletter. Look for contests, stories, current events, strange pictures and much, much more and it is all 100% FREE, delivered to your very own email address.  Tell your friends, parents and pets. Spread the word and Go Cockers!

The Toot Man Leads Economics Stock Contest!! Here are the top 10. Our Economics 101 class has been competing in a stock simulation for the last few weeks. Contest will end at the end of the quarter, there are 26 entries. We all started with $100,000. Anybody see where Flash Gordon went?

1. Toot2301 12.20% $112,204.00
2. chisholmnascargod 10.22% $110,222.70
3. DUIT00 9.88% $109,880.40
4. PARKER99 8.84% $108,838.50
5. PetersonJ 8.80% $108,801.20
6. Phoum 7.87% $107,868.80
7. petersonk24 7.23% $107,228.20
8. MrTryon 7.17% $107,171.20
9. Thompson222 5.87% $105,873.50
10. tjelmeland1572 5.81% $105,812.30

The Electoral Map. A great site that keeps track of the what really counts, the Electoral College. I am not a real fan of polls, but at least these are statewide ones. Click Here.

New Voting Machine To Be Used In Florida. You will need a windows media player to see this, but it is cute. Click Here.

This just in from the Tryon University Science Department. Click Here, it is fascinating. (but now I have a headache)

Congrats To Jason Parker For Winning Week One of the  Big Dog Football Contest! You too can become a Big Dog, but first you have to earn it. See the contest and announcement to the right. Not too late to enter.

Here It Is...Your Chance To Shine!!

Join The Tryon University's Big Dog Stock Picking Contest!! It's fun, it's free and it's a chance to walk around with money (play) in your pockets. Great Prizes, well, maybe not too great for the top finishers. Here is all you have to do: 1) go to the following site and register. Click Here. You can give a fake email address, but make SURE your username is NOT a nickname, you must have your last name and maybe some numbers or other letters so I can figure out who is who. 2) Join our competition. Click Here, Our Game is called TU Big Dog Contest 2004 and our password is "nevada".  Your portfolio will start out at $100,000. 3) Buy your stocks, that's it. Any problems contact Mr. T. The contest is free and fun. All you have to do is buy your stocks and let them ride, no micro-managing required. Contest is over 1/28/05 Good Luck



"Pity The Fool"
Pretty scary, I know. Remember Mr. T from The A Team and the Rocky movies? Well, your very own Mr. T won a costume contest, many many many years ago. Trick? or Treat?
Now this IS scary!!


Historical Nuggets
(Stories From The Past, Mined By TU Students And Faculty)

An American Love Story
The Ultimate Warrior

The Tryon University
Big Dog Football Contest!!

Just go to this link. (CBS Sports line) and register. It is FREE. Enter your picks before the first game starts. Make sure you use a name TU can recognize, no nicknames. (our league password is "bigdog". If you do not know much about football, have a friend, parent or relative help you. Weekly winner will win a FREE bottle of pop, water, gator-aid etc. Top three places overall will win nice prizes from Tryon University. (to be announced) Good Luck, enter today. First week of action is next week.
Mr. T's Stack Of Stuff:
* George Perez, my new idol, has volunteered to rejoin his fellow soldiers in Iraq. He lost his leg a few months ago in combat and now says he is physically fit, can still jump out of airplanes and runs a mile in less than 8 minutes. If he is allowed to go back, he will be the 4th amputee to re-enlist in the 82nd Airborne. A Tryon U. Salute to all of those who serve! Click Here for full story.

* A high school student who was not allowed to take part in graduation (he failed his classes) showed up anyway and then "streaked" across the stage. He was found guilty and given a 6 mos. to 2 years jail sentence. Ok, maybe not so funny.

* A Girl From India Weeps Stones. When she cries, small stones come out of her eyes. Medical experts are astonished. Her village thinks she is either an evil spirit or a re-incarnated Goddess.

* A German Man Sets A New World Record. By throwing a cell phone the longest distance. He heaved the electrical device 223 ft. after being shown his bill.

* Peru Announces They Will Export Super Large Pigs! Hoping to improve their trade with other nations, scientists in Peru have been able to develop super large guinea pigs. That's right, guinea pigs. They believe they will be popular with the gourmet dining crowd........

* Police In Florida Use A Stun Gun To Subdue 75 Year Old Lady. She refused to leave a nursing home where she was visiting a friend. The friend did not want to see her, she refused to leave. The staff called the police and she still would not leave. A scuffle broke out and the police pulled out the stun gun and hauled her away.

* A New Study Says Cyber-Bullying Is More Damaging Than Playground Bullying! Some quotes from the experts, "There is no place to hide." "Attacks are ABUSIVE TEXT." "No way to retaliate." "We need more study and the government MUST fund it.". They said 30% of school children suffer from it. Oh, then I found out the study was a year long study at ONE school..........in Australia...........Hmmmmmm

* The Least-Fattest State Is Colorado........the fattest is Mississippi. Iowa was #19 fattest with adults, but #14 with kids.

* The Taj Mahal Is Leaning. A spire is leaning seriously and experts are not sure what to do to help out the most important icon in India.

* Des Moines Man Shoots At Mouse And Hits Girlfriend. She is OK, she was hit in the arm as she walked past. The mouse was also fine.

* Carpenter Shoots Himself With Nail Gun. Right through the heart with 7cm nail. He lived as they were able to rush him to a nearby hospital. Support Nail Gun Control!! If it can save one life, it will be worth it.

* Malaysia Man Cooks Himself In A Giant Wok. As a religious ceremony for 1/2 hour. It is the fourth time he has done it. His longest is 45 minutes.

* Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Falls Right On His Face. He breaks his arm and cracked his knee after giving a speech in front of 1,000s.

* California Court Says Animals May Have The Right To Sue. The 9th court of Appeals, during a trial against the Navy's use of sonar, said animals in the future may have the right to sue, but do not now.

* Washington School Bans Halloween. Says it may be disrespectful to witches............

* Ashlee Simpson Walks Off Saturday Night Live As Lip Sync Did Not Work. She denies lip-syncing, blamed her band for playing the wrong song and her Dad says she is suffering from acid reflex.......she would never lip sync.......

* U.S. Navy Says It Is Now OK To Worship Satan On Their Ships. Showing tolerance for all religions....now let me get this straight....no celebrating Christmas (separation of church and state) but Devil worship, no problem?

* Canadian Town Bans Children From Dressing As Seals During Halloween. They are afraid the area polar bears in the area will spot lunch and go after the trick or treaters. When asked, council members said they have never heard of any children dressing up as seals.

* Black Activists In Florida Destroyed A Halloween Display On Private Property. It was Frankenstein hanging from a scaffold. They said his skin color was too dark.........isn't Frankenstein green?

* New Poll In UK Picks Homer! That's right, Brits choose Homer Simpson as the best possible American president from popular TV characters.

* New Product Announced.......Gum-O-Flage.......$5.00 per pack. Used by deer hunters to disguise their breath while hunting. It tastes like a pine forest.......yummy.....Other hunters are spending as much as $300 for scent proof boots and jackets and some even spread horse manure on their body to disguise their smell.....that would do it.

* Florida Holds Jack-O-Lantern Carving Contest. 30 people have entered. Prizes are awarded based on creativity and style. All carvings must be done UNDER 25 ft. of water.........

* East Texas Finds Mystery Beast.  A mystery beast, some saying a demon from another world, has been shot in East Texas after terrifying residents for weeks. It has blue skin, a little larger than a dog and it's hind legs are much larger than his front ones. The creature was shot while hiding under a porch. Animal experts were baffled until tests revealed it was a wild coyote with the mange. His fur was falling off from a rare form of the disease. Stories before the beast was identified.

* A Couple Delivers Baby In Car. Baby arrives before the couple makes it to the hospital. They named the little boy, Speedy Gonzales.......the couple is from Romania.........Speedy Gonzales?

* If The Washington Redskins Win Sunday, Bush Will Win On Tuesday. If they lose, Kerry will win. They has happened every election since the Redskins have existed, 72 years. The incumbent wins when the Skins win. They pay at home against the tough Packers.

* Americans Are 1 Inch Taller Than 40 Years Ago. They are also 25 lbs. heavier, except for women in their 20s they are 29 lbs. heavier.........ouch

* New Species Of Humans Found! Off the coast of New Zealand on a small island they have found skeletons of humans who grew no larger than 3 feet tall. (Hobbits?) They found 7, they had a brain the size of a chimpanzee's, they used tools and hunted.......miniature elephants.......18,000 years ago... Believe It or Not.....Middle Earth? Full Story

* Des Moines Law Says If You Own A Vicious Animal, You Must Have $100,000 Liability Insurance. This came to light when a local resident was forced to either get the insurance or get rid of their dog. Their dog had bitten 2 people. Their dog is named "Squirt" and is a 6 lb. Chihuahua.

* Cuban Leader's Power Saves Lives! Fidel Castro went to the beach, held his fist in the air and demanded that the hurricane miss Cuba. According to Cuban newspapers, the hurricane made a right turn and hit Florida instead. Wow, what a guy, now how could this super human fall on his face?

Pictures In The News
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Castro walking....

Losing It....

Going Down.....


Peru's Super Pig

Lucky winner....

A tasty meal....
where is PETA?

Science showing off their
new human species.....

Texas Mystery Beast

"Let's go trick or treating, Grandpa!"

"I gotta wear this dumb
dinosaur outfit?"

"That sure was fun Grandpa, can we go again?"

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