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* Nick Cacek Wins 2004 TU Bowl Bonanza!!!
Christie Cahill finishes 2nd and Katie Jennings 3rd, Wow!! Thanks to all for playing. Girls rule? Some real big talkers finish way back in the pack. Next sports contest will be NCAA basketball Tourney, won by Ryan Flack last year.Nifty Prizes, No Entry Fee, Lots Of Fun. Click Here To See How You Stand And Who Everyone Picked!

* Tryon University Honors Those We Lost In 2004
As a tribute to the rugged individualism that the American culture tries to promote, as a tribute to the freedoms that allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things, this slide show pays tribute to the personalities and talent we lost last year. A Tryon University Production. Click Here To View. How many of these people could you have recognized?

* TU Big Dog Stock Picking Contest Is Winding Down!!
Last day is January 14th.Look for another one up shortly that will run until the end of the year. All contests are FREE and FUN.

Rank User Overall Equity
1. Chisholmtrader 5.88% $105,876.70
2. PetersonR 5.25% $105,248.40
3. Phoum 4.59% $104,589.80
4. PetersonJ 4.40% $104,401.10
5. dstark111 3.95% $103,950.50
6. FLASHGORDON69 3.61% $103,612.00
7. couserWholetthedogsout 3.50% $103,503.90
8. vaughn10 3.46% $103,464.80
9. Toot2301 3.36% $103,363.90
10. Duit016 3.22% $103,221.20


* Standings For The Economics 202 Class
(second term Econ) Ends January 14th.
Rank User Overall Equity
1. MrSwanson 26.51% $126,512.90
2. jredding43 10.46% $110,462.30
3. Holzmer51 6.55% $106,549.10
4. cmSayen 6.52% $106,519.60
5. Knepper213 6.29% $106,290.50
6. BrownE 5.69% $105,692.90
7. Heno87 4.51% $104,511.50
8. JustPeterson 4.34% $104,342.30
9. Crowe18 2.65% $102,653.30
10. Jennings24B 2.32% $102,317.20

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? I know of a certain Grand Daughter who did.
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Slide Show.
Ok, sorry about Grandpa being so proud.

The Nevada Students That I Have Been Associated With Have Been Simply The BEST.
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It kind of reminds me of
Mr. T's classroom.

  Historical Nuggets
(Stories From The Past, Mined By TU Students And Faculty)

Mr. T's Stack Of Stuff:
* A woman is suing Wal-Mart. Her daughter bought a shot gun from Wal-Mart and then committed suicide. The woman says Wal-Mart should have known her daughter was depressed because she had purchased anti-depressants from Wal-Mart's pharmacy. (Isn't there a bunch of privacy laws forbidding the sharing of medical records?) Oh, she bought the gun at a DIFFERENT Wal-Mart, one that was 5 miles away, but they still should have known. Geeze.....She is suing for $25 million.......unbelievable.

* The top polluter in the world today is?..........Mount St. Helen's, believe it or not.

* Performance Artist, Mark McGowen, who recently had pushed a peanut with his nose to Tony Blair's house as a protest to the Iraq War, last month sat in front of a British government building and ate a fox......to protest the fox hunting law in England.

* A Palestinian man named Sarghouti, wants to be the new President of the Palestinian people, replacing Arafat. He is currently in an Israeli jail serving 5 life terms for killing Israelis. He is ahead in the polls and the Israelis may release him because they think he is more moderate than some of the other candidates.

* Canada's military is 10,000 strong. There are 15,000 policemen in New York City......NYC could beat up Canada?

* In New Zealand they found a mass grave recently..........of 56 pilot whales..... Science has no idea what happened or what this is all about or who buried them.

* A man walked into a convenience store and said to the lady behind the counter, "I have a gun, this is a robbery!" It was a joke, the lady behind the counter was his mother. A customer heard the remark and called 9-11. The police showed up and found marijuana in the robber's car. The robber and his friend were arrested. At the police station, instead of calling his lawyer, he called his girlfriend and talked her into coming down to the station and claiming the drugs belonged to her. (the fake robber had been arrested twice before and was on probation, he would go to jail, this time) She did. She was arrested for filing a false claim. The police monitor ALL CALLS at the police station and taped the entire conversation. The fake robbers are not in jail.

* Inflation is the lowest since the 1960's. I thought the economy was so bad?

* A World Bank report said 2004 was the most prosperous year in world history. Especially, poor nations, their economies grew the most!! I would call that great news. The reason? More nations are turning to capitalism and an increase in world trade.

* Science experts say gravity is losing it's pull.  Really? Oh, I did watch a NBA game the other night and it did seem the players were jumping higher........and couldn't this solve the obesity problem?

* Diet soda is outselling regular soda. That should help the obesity epidemic, too.

* A bride and groom flew in a helicopter from their church service to the reception. It crashed and both were killed.........can you imagine the reception?

* Florida police used taser stun guns on a man in a wheel chair. The man in the wheel chair had thrown a soda can at a 13 year old. The man in the wheel chair was armed with a pair of scissors..........

* Tom Cruise, while making the movie War Of The Worlds, bought some ice cream. While paying for the cone he saw a little donation container for a local girl who needed medical help and he put over $6,000 into the bucket.

* In France, a man in a Santa Claus suit was handing out candy, when a group of youngsters, kicked him to the ground, beat him up and stole his bag of candy......The Christmas Spirit?

* China is now going to allow juries. Yes, in Communist Red China. Instead of a government official deciding if you are innocent or guilty, they will now allow juries. It's revolutionary!!

* A paper recently was forced to NOT use the words Christmas cookies in an advertisement, it now must be Holiday cookies.

* A baby was born weighing 8.6 oz and is doing very well. The smallest human to ever survive birth on record. She fits in the palm of your hand.

* North Korea (last pure communist nation on earth) is the only nation on earth without a case of AIDS......you get the feeling they may have lied on the report? or maybe they just kill anyone infected?

* According to a report by the Heritage foundation, freedom and democracy are growing throughout the world. (you think freeing 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan might have something to do with that?) Of the 192 nations, only one this last year has regressed...........Russia.

* There is a big fight on what to call the Persian Gulf. On newer maps, there is a new trend to call the Persian Gulf the Arab Gulf........it may not sound like a big deal, but Iran is threatening war over it....they like Persian Gulf.......they are not Arab, but Persians.

* Bryan Adams (singer?) had his unwashed socks sell for $1,000 on Ebay.

* A teacher fed her pre-schoolers real dog food because they were "role playing" as puppies. She took the dog food out of a display that showed the students what NOT to eat.......the parent's are a little upset to say the least.

* Scientists claim ants use geometry to find their way home........how do they really know that?.....little compasses? protractors? a teenie weenie text book?

* Paper or Plastic? Which is best for the environment?.......A Garbologist from Yale claims they are both equally as bad. Plastic flies away from the land fills and paper does not degrade as fast as people think.

* A Pop Artist from Germany is in trouble for his latest art exhibit. It is all about Adolph Hitler, trying to show the more human side of De Fuehrer, geeze.........oh, his art exhibit was shown 15 miles from Dachau. He has been forced to remove it.

* Elvis is the #1 top selling dead person in the world. His daughter, Lisa Marie (former wife of Michael Jackson) is selling the rights to his name for $100 million. She is keeping Graceland where over 650,000 tours are conducted every year. (done that 3 times, now)

* A man was charged with his 34th OWI recently. You think there may be a drinking problem? or maybe a law enforcement problem?

* The number of official flu cases in Iowa (right before Christmas) was?...........2, and now they are complaining there is too much flu vaccine and it will spoil.......

* A lady left the bus and forgot her purse. A nice gentlemen decided to discreetly look inside and see if he could find some identification.........He found a human skull instead........It appears it was stolen from some type of archeological dig.

* A peeping Tom was caught hiding in the women's locker room at a YMCA.......He was in a shower stall using a little mirror to peak.......He was caught when the women noticed his hairy feet.

* A Teen kills his friend because he was sitting in his dog's favorite chair and the friend refused to move.....He was bludgeoned with a baseball bat.......Geeze, excuse me.

* Brittany Spear recently bought a steak for $175.........then gave it to her little dog......Bit Bit.......the chef was furious....

Pictures In The News
(Click To Enlarge)

Actually Flying in Afghanistan

Would scare me.....

Tsunami refugee

An oldie, President Clinton in South Korea looking across the 38th parallel into North Korea......Photo Op? (the lens caps on still on the binoculars)

Fox Bans Ad From Super Bowl (thankfully)
Mickey Rooney (age 88) during an ad that was suppose to be shown during this year's Super Bowl, walks away from the camera and loses his towel, show his bare behind. Executives at Fox will not show (I bet someone else will) this ad during the telecast because of last year's Janet Jackson malfunction.

Senator Barbara Boxer, California, tearing up after having the Senate NOT certify the Electoral College vote. (2nd time since 1877)
Would not accept Ohio's vote.
Hours later, the Senate voted 74-1 to accept and certify.

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