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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You....
The faculty of Tryon University is honored and humbled to have been nominated and chosen as the recipient of Allied Insurance and WHO TV's Golden Apple Award. Even though the TV story only appeared for a couple of minutes, early in the morning, many old friends and colleagues have been contacting me in disbelief. I would like to thank all of those who cheered, clapped and shook my hand that day, it was a memory I will cherish forever. Words could never express my gratitude. No, I have not sold it yet on eBay. Yes, it was such a shock, I was speechless, which as you know is very rare. Thanks again for all of the nice things said by the wonderful students of NHS. Click Here for the story I wrote, explaining the event to my family.
Big Dog Stock Contest Has Started!!
The Big Dog Stock Contest will start tomorrow, March 7. Same rules as the last one, with the contest ending May 20th. Entry is FREE, prizes will be awarded to the first three place finishers. Here is all you need to do:
1) go to www.investopedia.com  and register for their simulation. (no nicknames, use your last name and then maybe some numbers. If you have been in economics or have played before, use your same account. Follow their instructions. You need an active email account if you have never registered before.
2) Go to this link http://simulator.investopedia.com/Join.aspx?G=12304&PW=cubs and JOIN OUR GAME, the password is "cubs".
3) Start buying and selling, any problems, let me know.
Also, as an appreciation for the very nice things done by the students of TU, look for a never before offered anywhere, surprise contest to be announced very soon. Information will be sent out shortly when a few kinks have been worked out. You should be getting ready to make your NCAA Men's basketball picks next week. Better start studying!!

Tryon University, Supporting Our Troops
Photo to the right is my nephew's unit of Rangers who are currently serving in Mosul, Iraq. It is the third tour of combat duty for Andy. His second in Iraq and the other was in Afghanistan. Pat Tillman, Arizona Cardinals was part of the larger Regiment that Andy serves in. We support all of Nevada's young men and women serving in our Armed Services.

A TU Current Event Update
The artist Christo has finished "The Gates", a 16 day exhibit in Central Park, NYC. It consists of 23 miles of saffron colored fabric. It costs $21 million dollars and has taken 26 years to get permission from the city to do it. There are 7,500, 16 ft. gates to the exhibit. "I think it's fantastic," said Dominique Borel, who was walking her dog, Mickey, on Friday. "I love it. I think it's exhilarating." Mickey was wearing an orange scarf around his neck in honor of the project. Man, I just got to work on my "art".

Bad Song Of The Month
The No. 1 Song In Germany, sung and written by a 4 yr. old.
Snappy, (eh, Schnappi) The Little Crocodile.
Click To Enjoy? It is very popular in the dance clubs of Germany. There are different versions, but this is the original. Make sure you sing along with the lyrics that are provided.

The Tryon University Poll
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The Tryon University Poll
Do you support President Bush's plan to allow young people to put some of their Social Security holdings into private accounts?

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Mr. T's Stack Of Stuff:
* A Minister in Oklahoma is giving money to his congregation. He handed out envelopes with crisp $100 bills to adults and teens alike. He then told them to invest in something and return in 7 weeks with the money and the profit. (I predict it will be a very successful stunt) He gave out $14,000!

* On Valentine's Day, in Indiana, a heart shaped balloon that said, "I Love You" was released into the air. It got tangled in the power lines and knocked out electricity to 2,100 homes......

* A man in Oregon has cut out a police car made of plywood. He hid it behind the bushes to slow down speeders in front of his house.......someone stole it........estimated cost was $300.....not to be deterred, he is now making cut outs of dogs, children and chickens.

* Two NASA scientists are claiming there is evidence of life on Mars. They have discovered what "might" be traces of methane coming out of caves.....methane?.......they are expecting this may lead to very small biological organisms.

* San Francisco (Is that part of the USA?) is talking about a toll zone for their downtown. People would have to buy a permit (tax) to drive there. They would use cameras to detect and fine cars that do not have a permit. Is this Constitutional?......The city is also looking at a local gasoline tax........and six other possible new taxes....

* California is looking at taxing vehicles by the mile......a little black box would keep track of how many miles that are driven......isn't there already a gasoline tax?.....well, the complaint is hybrid cars have too good of mileage, thus are not paying their fair share......geeze

* Big fight between Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on who has the cutest dog. Britney say her dog Bit Bit wins, going away. See photos below. Oh, Bit Bit is not housebroken and Britney is sorry she bought a white carpet.

* Overland Park, Kansas gas station had a computer glitch and sold their gasoline for 19 cents per gallon. The truckers on their CB's got the news quick. Over $2000 of gas was sold before the station figured out they had a problem.

* A Driver Education teacher was run over and pinned under her DE car for 15 minutes by a student. She is in very serious condition. It happened on a driving range.

* A NY disc jockey broke into his boss's house and trashed the place........all the while being on the radio....He tore up furniture, wrote on the walls, messed up his bosses clothes and bedroom then went and hid in a closet. He waited (on the radio) for his boss to come home. He called it a "mock burglary". The boss was not amused and fired the guy on the spot.

* A speed camera van was recently caught speeding. 65 mph in a 50 mph zone.

* A boy from the United Kingdom recently scored a 137 on an IQ test. Allowing him to join a "genius club"........ The boy is 3 years old.......

* Have you seen the list of Michael Jackson's possible defendants?...........Jay Leno, Kobe Bryant, Quincy Jones, Larry King, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Maury Povich and The Back Street Boys to name a few........no Mike Tyson?

* An elementary school has installed a noise meter in their lunch room. If the meter reaches too high (code red) the lights are turned off and no one is allowed to talk......If they are caught talking, they must write, "I will not talk during light's out" 50 times.........

* A women is getting married and her bride's maid is a dog.....a 3 year old collie......all dressed up in a wedding dress.......

* Out East, a football coach was fired for swearing at practice.......

* Scientists are claiming they can use a gene transplant to grow hair in ears......this could be MAJOR breakthrough in curing some forms of deafness.....Wow.....

* A house in California is hanging an American soldier's uniform in effigy, with a sign the reads..... Bush Lied, I Died........neighbors are not very happy about it. I just found out, they hung it, not on their house, but on a house they rent out......

* Two stone carvings of lions were unearthed, thanks to the tsunami in India. See photos below. They believe and entire city and maybe civilization has been uncovered.

* New invention....a black ball that chases burglars. It detects motion, can roll at 20 mph and calls for help and even takes pictures.......they think it will be used to patrol large fenced in areas.

* The life expectancy of Russian men is.......59 years old.

* A new organization was formed recently.....Mother's Against The Draft.......hmmmmm, there ain't no draft.

* A North Carolina State student died of a skin cream overdose. They put too much hair remover on their legs and had some kind of reaction.

* A school in California is wanting to put radio tags on all of their 7th and 8th grade students. They would wear them around their necks.......geeze.....in the name of safety.

* A baby comes home weighing 8.6 ounces. The smallest baby ever born on record that survived.

* A man was fined $600 for throwing an Egg McMuffin........He got the wrong order at the window, he wanted ham, not sausage. The girl working agreed to exchange it and the guy threw it at her......the man was charged with a misdemeanor assault and battery......geeze......he said, "I did NOT throw it, I just returned it quickly!"

Pictures In The News
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Britney and Bit Bit
(The hippest dog in the world, the dog wears designer clothes)

Soldier In Effigy

Stone Lions unearthed by the tsunami.

Smallest baby
 to ever survive.


A new world record!! 47 people surfing on the same board!
Believe It Or Not....


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