Little treasures discovered, mined and written by members of Tryon University.

The Ultimate Warrior
He was born with very fair skin and very curly hair. They named him Curly. Born near Bear Butte in the Black Hills country of South Dakota as an Ogalala Sioux. His father was a Holy man and dream interpreter and his mother died when he was very young. He went into battle with a small stone behind his left ear, a lightning streak on his face and hail stones painted on himself and his pony. He always took dust from a blind mole mound and powdered himself and his horse before a fight. The first human he killed was a women, who was sneaking in the grass, he thought she was a man. He refused to scalp her, she was so pretty she reminded him of his sisters. The other warriors laughed at him and even made up a song:
A brave young man comes here
But a foolish one,
Without a good knife.

During a raid on the Arapahos, there was a fierce fight. Curly's friend Hump was in the thick of it. When it appeared that both sides had enough of the battle, Curly, in his early teens and by himself, charged the enemy straight into their fire. He counted 1,2, 3 coup with bullets and arrows all around him. The Sioux warriors stood on a hill watching in disbelief. Curly retreated then turned his horse around and attacked again. He killed an enemy who was on horseback, jumped off and then killed another. He held both scalps into the air and was then shot in the leg with an arrow. He returned with the scalps held high and much praise from his on looking friends. Upon return to the village, his father renamed him......Crazy Horse, his father's name. Warriors of the Sioux loved to sing and brag around the campfire and dance the night away, but not Crazy Horse, he was different. He joined the Crow Owners Society and cult of warriors. He fought in battle after battle, leading his people and warriors, fighting those who would take away their freedom and culture. He fell in love with Black Buffalo Women (niece of Sitting Bull) and she rejected him and married another. He was given the supreme honor of "shirt wearer", one of only four to be so honored. Years later he talked Black Buffalo Women into going away with him, she gave her children to her father and took off with Crazy Horse. Her husband (No Water) caught up with them, broke into their teepee and shot Crazy Horse in the face, he did not die, but Black Buffalo Women went back to her husband. The tribe took Crazy Horse's shirt away because he did not set a good example. He led the Sioux during Red Cloud's War and the Fetterman Massacre and defeated Custer at Little Big Horn. Eventually he came to live on the reservation. He was murdered while Indian policemen held him and a soldier bayoneted him in the back as they were arresting him. Before he died he spoke, "Paint my body red and dip me in spring water and I will come back to life. If you don't, I will return to stone." Some people feel the carving of Crazy Horse in the Black Hills is the fulfillment of that prophecy. He was buried in the Badlands, by his elderly parents and relatives, no one knows where. He was never photographed........he was an American warrior fighting to remain free.