Little treasures discovered, mined and written by members of Tryon University.

It was his symbol, his logo, his trademark. It grew with him. He had it when he was young. It started out on his stationary, then caps and T-shirts, then belt buckles, rings, necklaces, cowboy boots and it even ended up on his personal jet airplane. It was everywhere he was, it was his motto. T.C.B. it stood for Taking Care of Business. It was a reminder to all to do what you had to do and do it NOW. No putting it off, no messing around. Do what was important, and do it NOW. He took the lightning bolt from The Mafia. It meant, "Do It Quick". He was pretty darn serious about it. A pretty strong message to live by. Thanks, Elvis. I would say it worked pretty well for him, maybe it will for you, too.